Open 7 Days A Week!
11:00AM to 2:00AM Daily
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  Iowa's Finest Billiards & Sports Bar Venue
Pool at its Finest!
From the common recreational player to professionals we have a spot for you.  We offer a full bar and Big D's cooks up great food daily.
 Big Dog Billiards has been and will continue to be a strong influence in the pool community throughout the Midwest. We are a common stopping ground for professionals coming through the area and have seen some the the best players in the world through our doors.

A little bit of History

Big Dog Billiards first hit the Des Moines pool scene in 2005.  Our first location was at 2200 E Euclid Ave. 

In April 2011, we acquired the current building, located at 4510 E 14th street.   In July 2011, the Euclid Ave. location was closed and preparations began for the move to the new building. The building was remodeled extensively - inside and out.  Finally, we reopened on April 10, and continue to make improvements daily.

We look forward to serving the community and contributing to an enhanced pool scene in Des Moines!
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